As we know, slot machines are always vary. It has many themes along with supported characters and symbols, including the God character. One of the great slot game with God character is Zeus vs Hades Online Slot for Free and Real slot game. Not only because of the feature, this slot game is also played through free and real so it is very fascinating for the players. Created by TopTrend Gaming, Zeus vs Hades successfully attracts slot players’ attention.

Zeus vs Hades Online Slot for Free and Real

Zeus vs Hades Online Slot for Free and Real
Zeus vs Hades Online Slot for Free and Real

Zeus vs Hades Game Display

TopTrend Gaming will never disappoint slot players with their games’ display. As a fact, Zeus vs Hades is the game with great graphics and animations. Although it is 2D, the effect and display are shown naturally and beautifully. The first time accessing the game, the players will be in the loading page where there are the main characters of the game, Zeus and Hades. Then, after entering the main page of the game, the players will directly sense the atmosphere of Greek mythology. Therefore, it is very interesting game, especially for the Greek mythology lovers.

Zeus vs Hades Game Features

During playing the game, you will find many great game features, one of them is the scatter symbol. Each scatter symbol in the game is a symbol for team Z and team Z. If the players get the combinations of Z symbol or H symbol on the pay line, the payout of the game will be multiplied by 5 from the betting value.

Team Hades consists of beasts and wild creatures meanwhile team Zeus consists of Neptune which is worth 2.400 credits. Each team has the female antagonist character which is worth 4.800 for 5 in each row. You need to land each team on the reels to get 16.000 credits. Furthermore, there is also a wild symbol to trigger the earning of Zeus bonus and Hades bonus which is the free spins. The free spin for the Zeus is unlimited while the Hades gets 8 free spin. Moreover, if you can get the wild symbols, you will get up to 80.000 credits.

Similar with the other online slot game, Zeus vs Hades also has the auto spin features right to the spin which allows the players to set 10 – 100 automatic spins. Using the automatic spins is very helpful because the players can keep rolling the reels until landing on the feature. Besides, there are mute button and gaming guide which can help the players during playing Zeus vs Hades. Furthermore, the players can adjust the quality of the animations and the graphics whenever they want to.

Where to Play?

Zeus vs Hades is provided in both free and real online slot game. If you are interested of playing online slots game, you can easily access QQ808 or QQ882 which provide many games from TopTrend Gaming, including the Zeus vs Hades game. If you want to practice, just play the free version but if you want to earn real money, you have to play the real version. However, before betting your real money, make sure that you know how to play the game.

If you are fan of Greek Mythology with its God character, this Zeus vs Hades Online Slot for Free and Real game is very suitable for you and you can have a winnings in online slot wherever you want. Furthermore, it can be played free and real.

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