Slot machines have been the source of entertainment and source of money for some people since they are very easy and you can enjoy awesome slot games to play and interesting. For the regular casino players, Slot machines are not new things in their mind. Different from them, newbies need to know that there are some types of Slot machines before playing the games.

Types of Slot Machines

Types of Slot Machines
Types of Slot Machines
  1. Classic 3-reel Slots

The first type of Slot machine here is very suitable for those who are new in playing Slot games. Similar to its name, this Slot game has 3 reels to play with. Besides, this type of slot game also uses simple symbols, like fruits, numbers, or others. This classic Slot is actually the representation of the old Slot machines that was firstly built using only 3 reels.

In playing this Slot game, you just need to place your bet and spin the reels. It is very simple to play and you will know the outcome right away. The outcome here can be obtained when you have to make certain symbol combinations in one line. The best thing about this classic Slot is the steady payout that you will get in playing it.


  1. Video Slots

The video Slot is very interesting Slot game to play since it has numerous stories that you can enjoy, especially in the online casino. Different from the first Slot machine, the video Slot games use 5 reels or more to play with. In terms of paylines, you can find a crazy number of paylines to bet for up to 1024 ways.

The paylines here are starting from the left reels into the right reels whether they are horizontally, zig-zag, or diagonally. By having numerous ways to bet, you will have a greater chance to win here.

Video Slot also has Wild and Scatter symbols and when they are combined, you will be eligible to play the bonus round. In the bonus round, you will get a chance to get the free spins or you will be get multiplier bonus. Getting the bonus round will surely make you have a greater chance to win more money.


  1. Progressive Slots

The last type of slot machine here is the progressive slot which is a very popular Slot game. It becomes very popular since it is believed to be the Slot machine that gives highest payout. However, to claim the payout, you need to place the maximum bet here. Besides, you will also have a chance to trigger the mega jackpot that will give you lots of money to win. The unique thing about progressive slot is that any slot machine can be progressive Slot. Therefore, you need to play the game first to check whether it is a progressive slot or not.


To sum up, there are several types of Slot machines both in land based casino and in online casino slot games. It is very important for newbies to know them all to discover which Slot machine they are suitable with since all of those Slot machines are different from one another.

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