The winning player of blackjack game is the player who gets a card value close to 21 or exactly 21 but not over it. Blackjack becomes the most chosen card games among the other card games in the casino. In playing blackjack, you can use the card counting strategy in order to win the game. Have you ever heard about card counting system? So, let’s discuss about card counting in blackjack and the accuracy of blackjack card counting for beginners and how to win big at casino for the not so newly players of this casino game.

The Accuracy of Blackjack Card Counting For Beginners

The Accuracy of Blackjack Card Counting For Beginners
The Accuracy of Blackjack Card Counting For Beginners

What is Card Counting?

Card counting is a strategy of keeping eyes on the card dealt by the dealer. The players are able to infer or know the remaining cards. Therefore, the players can determine how much they should bet whether it will be beneficial for them or not. However, it is not easy to do the card counting since you need to pay attention on the statistics and use the mathematical probability. After some rounds, the cards will be fewer in the deck and if your count is correct, you will be able to determine the value of the remaining cards. Card counting will be more beneficial for skilled blackjack players since they are used to it.

Card Counting Systems

There are some card counting systems in the blackjack game. Choosing the most system totally depends on the experience and skill of the players. There are the simple systems which are suitable for the beginners and there are the complex systems for the experienced players. Here are the simpler systems which are proper for the beginners.

  1. Thorp’s Ten-Count System

In this system, the cards will be counted through the whole game and there will be a special attention for the value. It helps the players to decide the proper time to bet and how high their bet will be. There will be more than 10 value cards remained in the deck if the total sum of dealt cards is higher.  In Thorp Ten-Count system, the value of the Ace is 1. The cards from 1 to 9 are determined as +4 while the 10 and face cards are determined as -9. Basically, the +4 and -9 are the values that the player should remember in order to keep in track with the dealt cards.

  1. The Ace/Five Count

For the beginners, this systems helps them to neutralize the advantage of the house. In the beginning of the first deck (starting from 0), you need to add the number 1 for 5 value dealt card. If the Ace is dealt, you need to subtract 1 from the total. When the final result is two or more than two, you may double your bet. Yet, if the result is one or lower, you have to avoid the high bet. In this system, the consideration is only for two card values in order to make it easier in keeping track. However, this system only works if the dealer does not often reshuffle the cards.

Basically, card counting is better for skilled blackjack players rather than the beginners since the accuracy of blackjack card counting for beginners is low. However there are some card counting systems and exciting casino Malaysia website which help the beginners to improve their chance of winning the game.

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