Online slots are never end. You can explore all of the games with different themes. If you are looking for a casual theme with cute things, you can try Puppy Love Online Slot in this online slot betting site. You will see lots of puppy while playing the game. Before playing, let’s see Puppy Love Online Slot Review and Free Play first.

Puppy Love Online Slot Review and Free Play

Puppy Love Online Slot Review and Free Play
Puppy Love Online Slot Review and Free Play
  • Puppies Everywhere

This game is really cute with many puppies that will steal your heart. You will be amazed because of the puppies’ pictures. Not only that, this game will give you cute bonus animation when you can get some winning combinations. A puppy will appear while doing something such as looking at you with cute eyes or playing a ball.

  • Cheerful Tune and 3D Graphics

This game is completed with a nice and cheerful tune that will appear in your brain over and over again. This tune is easy to remember and can make you happy while playing with little puppies. The graphic is awesome. You can see 3D puppies that will as cute as the real one. Betsoft is always successful to bring you a nice and wonderful display.

  • Cute Bonuses

Just like other Betsoft game, this cute game also has several bonuses that will make your play time more exciting. This game has a lot of free spins that can enable you to play more and more. You also can have on-reel free-spin with sticky wilds that will not move at all. This will give you more chance in winning the jackpot.

As the bonus stage, you will have a pick-em game. You will be brought to a puppy shop where you can see lots of puppies and people’s back who are looking at the puppies. You will be showed several dog breeders and you should choose one. The puppies will show what prize that you will get. Then, you repeat it until it shows “collect” which means that your prizes will be collected.

  • Cute Symbols

As maybe you expect from this game, the symbols are cute too. Not only that, the symbols will bring you a great fortune. Let’s say the kennels. If you get five kennels in your payline, you will get 500 coins, if you only get four then you will get 80 coins. The cute black and beige dogs are worth 200 coins if you can compile five of them. The young boxer and pug are worth 80 for five pictures. How about the other two dogs? They will worth 40 for each symbol.

There are other symbols that you should pay attention at, which are the name tag and dog bowl. The name tag is the wild symbol and also the multiplier. Make sure that you always watch it. You will go to the bonus stage if you get two yellow signs of “puppies for sale”. It will bring you to the puppy shop in a snap. Do you want to get the free spins? Then get the dog bowl which full of bones. You will get 10 free spins plus 100 coins added to your account.

How can this game be described? According to the Puppy Love online slot review and free play above, this game combines cuteness, playfulness, and also excitement in winning slots games. Do you want to see those puppies? Let’s play!

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