What thing that you consider before playing slot games? It is the benefit that you will get of course. Actually there are two kinds of online slot games that will definitely give you the jackpot in different way; progressive and non-progressive. Both of these kinds have their own benefit and also disadvantage. Which one will you prefer mostly? Progressive Slot or Non-Progressive Slot – Which one is Better? Here are some information to know the difference of two:

Progressive Slot or Non-Progressive Slot – Which one is Better?

Progressive Slot or Non-Progressive Slot – Which one is Better?
Progressive Slot or Non-Progressive Slot – Which one is Better?

Growing Jackpot

If you search for the biggest jackpot that can give a big amount of money to your bank account, progressive slot game is the answer. If you only can win just ten up to seventy ringgits in non-progressive slot, you can win hundred, thousand, even million ringgits in progressive jackpot. This will give you a sudden positive heart attack of course.

Progressive slot game will give you a bunch of treasure only if you keep playing and inserting the coins or depositing the money. If the jackpot in the non-progressive slot is fixed, progressive slot will raise the amount of jackpot every time you put the coin then press the spin button.

Luckily, you do not have to learn a new way to get the jackpot. You can play it just like playing any other slot games. Your coin will “feed up” the jackpot and it will grow. However, you should be careful, the chance to win in this kind of slot game is just small, so whatever the amount of jackpot that you have, you may not get it, unless you are really a lucky person.

  • Small but Sure

This is what will you get in non-progressive slot games. Just like the ordinary slot games, you will have certain amount of jackpot fixed from the first time you press the spin button. You may not be able to win the big jackpot, but non-progressive slot has other way to give you winning.

In many of this kind of slot game, you can find some other probability to win; other patterns that will lead you to something beneficial just like free spin, bonus game, or some amount of money. So if you do not get the jackpot pattern in your paylines, just do not worry, you still can collect these small but sure winnings.

  • The Risk

Every bettor wants to avoid the risk to lose more money. So, if this is also your concern, you should avoid progressive slot because of the small chance to win it. Stay with non-progressive will be safer for you though. The jackpot may not be as tantalizing as the progressive one, but you will definitely win some in non-progressive game.

It is also linked to the payment that you will make. Progressive slot will have more payout along with big investment. Non-progressive slot allows you to place a bet in minimum amount and you will have the same chance to win the big jackpot.

After getting to know the benefit and disadvantage from both kinds of game, which one you will choose, Progressive Slot or Non-Progressive Slot – Which one is Better? It is all up to you, just consider the good and the bad carefully and do not forget to have some fun!

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