Red Hot Free Spins Online Slot Review & Free Play

In playing online slot, there are some things that you must avoid but here in Red Hot Free Spins is an online slot provided by great slot developer, TopTrend Gaming. Red Hot Free Spins is 5 reels slot game with 243 pay line which means there are many possible winning combinations symbols made. In this game, you will find a devilish woman character along with other symbols such as devil heart, vampire lips and angel hearts. Want to know more about this Red Hot Free Spins Online Slot Review & Free Play? Let’s check this review below.

Red Hot Free Spins Online Slot Review & Free Play

Red Hot Free Spins Online Slot Review & Free Play
Red Hot Free Spins Online Slot Review & Free Play

The Display of the Game

Red Hot Free Spins game has unique display but without any specific theme. It makes Red Hot Free Spins different with the other slot game with specific theme. In this game, you will just meet beautiful sexy devilish woman as the main character. She will accompany you since the beginning of the game, particularly from the loading page. In the loading page, you will be presented by many devilish character and you will be offered the game features.

After entering the main page of the game, you will be directed into the slot machines with 5×3 size along with the atmosphere full of fire. Each reel is divided with gold woods surround the slot machine. Inside the slot machine, you will find the symbols of the game which is used to get the prizes. Actually, in term of decoration and animations, this game has less compared to the other slot game. The main attraction is only the fire animations.

The Gameplay of Red Hot Free Spins

The game has many symbols to create the pay line since the number of the pay line is 243. It is a big number of pay line for slot games therefore it becomes the main interesting feature of the game. During playing the game, you are required to find 2 or 3 same symbols to get the payout. You need to get at least 3 symbols for the symbols 10, J, Q, K, A, because it is the combination symbols of number and alphabet. The payout of those symbol is less compared to the other symbols. Meanwhile, you just need to get at least 2 same symbols for the symbols of devil hearts, vampire lips, and angel hearts.

If you are successfully get the same symbols of those symbols, you will get a very interesting reward which is up to 10.000x of your wager. The highest symbol of the game is devilish girl which is the jackpot of the game and you can get up to 25.000x of your wager.

The Game Features

Red Hot Free Spins has some features such as free spins if you are successfully get at least 3 same free spin cards. Then, whenever you win the game during the free spin, the payout will be multiplied by 3. Besides, there is also wild symbols which can change the others card on the second and fourth reels.

After all, there are some ways to improve your winnings in any online slot games. Red Hot Free Spins Online Slot Review & Free Play is not that fascinating game in term of display and characters. However, it is very worth to play if you want to play simple slot game with big prizes. Moreover, it can be played in free version so no need to use real money to play, but it is more interesting to play with real money that you have.

Zeus vs Hades Online Slot for Free and Real

As we know, slot machines are always vary. It has many themes along with supported characters and symbols, including the God character. One of the great slot game with God character is Zeus vs Hades Online Slot for Free and Real slot game. Not only because of the feature, this slot game is also played through free and real so it is very fascinating for the players. Created by TopTrend Gaming, Zeus vs Hades successfully attracts slot players’ attention.

Zeus vs Hades Online Slot for Free and Real

Zeus vs Hades Online Slot for Free and Real
Zeus vs Hades Online Slot for Free and Real

Zeus vs Hades Game Display

TopTrend Gaming will never disappoint slot players with their games’ display. As a fact, Zeus vs Hades is the game with great graphics and animations. Although it is 2D, the effect and display are shown naturally and beautifully. The first time accessing the game, the players will be in the loading page where there are the main characters of the game, Zeus and Hades. Then, after entering the main page of the game, the players will directly sense the atmosphere of Greek mythology. Therefore, it is very interesting game, especially for the Greek mythology lovers.

Zeus vs Hades Game Features

During playing the game, you will find many great game features, one of them is the scatter symbol. Each scatter symbol in the game is a symbol for team Z and team Z. If the players get the combinations of Z symbol or H symbol on the pay line, the payout of the game will be multiplied by 5 from the betting value.

Team Hades consists of beasts and wild creatures meanwhile team Zeus consists of Neptune which is worth 2.400 credits. Each team has the female antagonist character which is worth 4.800 for 5 in each row. You need to land each team on the reels to get 16.000 credits. Furthermore, there is also a wild symbol to trigger the earning of Zeus bonus and Hades bonus which is the free spins. The free spin for the Zeus is unlimited while the Hades gets 8 free spin. Moreover, if you can get the wild symbols, you will get up to 80.000 credits.

Similar with the other online slot game, Zeus vs Hades also has the auto spin features right to the spin which allows the players to set 10 – 100 automatic spins. Using the automatic spins is very helpful because the players can keep rolling the reels until landing on the feature. Besides, there are mute button and gaming guide which can help the players during playing Zeus vs Hades. Furthermore, the players can adjust the quality of the animations and the graphics whenever they want to.

Where to Play?

Zeus vs Hades is provided in both free and real online slot game. If you are interested of playing online slots game, you can easily access QQ808 or QQ882 which provide many games from TopTrend Gaming, including the Zeus vs Hades game. If you want to practice, just play the free version but if you want to earn real money, you have to play the real version. However, before betting your real money, make sure that you know how to play the game.

If you are fan of Greek Mythology with its God character, this Zeus vs Hades Online Slot for Free and Real game is very suitable for you and you can have a winnings in online slot wherever you want. Furthermore, it can be played free and real.

QQ288 Real Money Live Casino and Online Casino Mobile Games in Malaysia

Trying to forget some issues about life and wants to enjoy yourself by just playing online casino game that you want? This QQ288 Real Money Live Casino and Online Casino Mobile Games in Malaysia will give you more variety of casino games that you want. There are lots of casino game are here in this outstanding website that can guarantee your winnings. Aside from online casino games you can play, there are more variety of features that you can experience in this website that will help you to increase your chances of winnings, here are they:

QQ288 Real Money Live Casino and Online Casino Mobile Games in Malaysia Real Money Live Casino and Online Casino Mobile Games in Malaysia Real Money Live Casino and Online Casino Mobile Games in Malaysia

With this exciting features, you can experience to play different casino game and exciting live casino in the comfort of your home. With the help of this features, you can also get the promotions that suits in your playing game even if you are using your mobile that you have anytime anywhere you want. You just need to have internet connection and your mobile phone to get this promotion and casino mobile game that you want, you can easily access the casino mobile game that you want if you have downloading this mobile application that provided by this website. Whether you are using android or iOS device, you can easily access to the online casino games that you want.

Best Customer Service Support Team

In this website, you can experience the good and high quality service of customer service support team that will give you the answers to your questions and suggestions regarding in your betting experience. You can chat, email or video chat them for your concerns anytime and anywhere that you want because this customer service support team is 24/7 that can answers all your concerns regarding online casino games that provided by this website.

Great Game Providers

Aside from mobile availability and best customer service support team that can help you to get more chances of winnings, in online casino games, of course this website has the great casino game providers that can guarantee your winnings by just giving you the best online casino games that they have. These awesome game providers of live casino that you wants such as: GP CASINO, OG CASINO, EBET, GD CASINO, OPUS CASINO, ROYAL CASINO, AG CASINO, ALLBET CASINO and PT CASINO. These awesome game providers has going to give you the best online live casino game that you want to play or bet with exciting promotions that you can get.

There are lot of great features that you can experience when you play or bet online casino games in this outstanding website that can give you more interesting casino mobile games with the comfort of your home. Try to figure out more exciting features that this website have, register and access easily with the games that you want and just get the promotions that you win with. More exciting casino game that you play, more promotions that you get for. Register and have more exciting experience to play in this QQ288 Real Money Live Casino and Online Casino Mobile Games in Malaysia. Don’t hesitate to play online casino games just enjoy and make more winning.

Most Entertaining Live Casino Games with Great Features

There are many live casino games that you can get when it come in playing online casino. Some websites are offering live casino games but don’t have the entertaining features that attracts to the people or players which they actually want. This Most Entertaining Live Casino Games with Great Features Providing the best features in any online casino site will give the players the satisfaction that they need.

Most Entertaining Live Casino Games with Great Features

Most Entertaining Live Casino Games with Great Features
Most Entertaining Live Casino Games with Great Features

In this Malaysia website provided wide variety of casino games as well as great features that will give you entertaining experience while making a lot of money. There are lot of casino games offered by this website, but there are 3 online casino games that will truly give you more chances of winnings aside from the other casino games that this website can offer. Here it is:

Sic Bo – It is a popular game in Asia. This game is one of two casino games involving dice. It is strictly a game of chance, because every roll on the dice results a win or loss on any bet. The players place their bets on certain areas of the tables. Dealer picks up a small chest containing the dice, which the players closes it and shakes. The gameplay of this game involves betting that a certain condition will be satisfied by a roll of the dice.

Roulette – It is a casino game which named in French words meaning little wheel. In this game, the players choose to place bets on either a single number, various groupings of numbers. Every roulette players have the variety of betting options. Placing inside bets is either the exact number of the pocket the ball land in, or a small of pocket based on their proximity on the layout. The roulette table usually imposes minimum and maximum bets. There are 2 types of bets in this roulette game, the inside and outside bets.

Baccarat – This game is a card game played between two hands, the player and the banker. There are 3 popular variants of this game: Punto banco, Baccarat chemin de fer and baccarat bangue. Each players move are forced by the cards the player is dealt. It is played at a large rounded table.

With this kind of online casino games, you can get more chances of winnings. Aside from these 3 online casino games that favorite play of many players, there are lot of casino games that you must play. Just register and join in this Malaysia website and try to have more betting games especially casino games.

There are also a great features that you will surely enjoy, this website has wide variety of promotions that suits your playing experience. Aside from promotion, there are mobile availability Most Entertaining Live Casino Games with Great Features that can help you to win money by just easily playing online casino games using your mobile phone. There are also a great game providers that can also give you wide variety of high quality online casino games. Enjoy playing casino games in this most trusted and exciting casino Malaysia website and get more chances of winnings.

Constant Promotional Offers of Trusted Malaysia Website

There are lots of promotional offers that can enjoy by the players or bettors that loves to play any online gambling games especially in online casino games in Malaysia website. We all know that online gambling is very popular nowadays, you can experience wide variety of online gambling games that you surely enjoy with. The use of this Constant Promotional Offers of Trusted Malaysia Website is for you to know more on what are the promotions, rewards and bonuses that can offer to you in this website. This Malaysia website is not about gaining more and more from the players, but it is aim to deliver the best casino experience in every casino bettors in the website.

Constant Promotional Offers of Trusted Malaysia Website

Constant Promotional Offers of Trusted Malaysia Website
Constant Promotional Offers of Trusted Malaysia Website

In this Malaysia website, they require games that are best among the other website out there. It’s where the technology comes to meet gambling in the comfort of your own home. When you play any online gambling game in this website, your play is light years ahead of anything else you have experience you play the most simple and easy experience playing and getting the promotional offers of this website is like coming face to face with the cutting edge of the online gaming. It can give you advantage that disadvantage. There are lot of promotional offers by this Malaysia website such as:

  • Reward Point – It is applied to all members that have deposit in this website. There will be raffled for 3 big prizes and 30 special prizes. In this promotions, the general terms and condition of this website is applied.
  • Free VIP Level for Loyal Members – This website has this promotions which will guarantee the winning opportunity for all the players. After playing continuously in this website, you will be leveled up to bronze, and after playing continuously for 6-12 months the players will be upgrader one more level every 3 months of playing. The members should deposit and have valid bet at least one time per month to get this promotion.
  • Extra Bonus – This promo is applied to all members of Malaysia website with MYR currency. You can have the maximum bonus MYR 350, to 30x that you can withdraw anytime you want. The maximum bonus is depends on the game that you have been play for.
  • Welcome Bonus – Even if you are new members of Malaysia casino, you can also experience to have the promotion like this welcome cashback promo. Even if you are new in this website, you can have this promo with maximum bonus of MYR 30 to 2x in slot games.
  • Welcome Bonus – In casino games you can get the maximum bonus up to 350 MYR to 25x. In sports betting, you can have maximum bonus of MYR 300 to 8x.
  • Special Bets – There are also special bets for the special members of this website, whether you are play live casino, sportsbook or e-games.

You can have the chance to play different online gambling games with exciting promotions that suits to your chosen game that you want. Try to figure out and see the website like this exciting casino Malaysia website for more enjoyable promotion that you look for.

QQ882 Best Online E-games Casino Slot Betting Site in Malaysia


Online e-games are unfortunately considered illegal in Malaysia although many Malaysians enjoy playing the e-games. Malaysian bettors then need to move to online casino slot site to keep playing e-games casino. Therefore, Malaysian bettors need to really know which sites are more beneficial and are less in risk. Among all e-games casino slot betting sites, QQ882 Best Online E-games Casino Slot Betting Site in Malaysia comes with lots of things to offer, making it the most recommended site.

QQ882 Best Online E-games Casino Slot Betting Site in Malaysia

QQ882 Best Online E-games Casino Slot Betting Site in Malaysia
QQ882 Best Online E-games Casino Slot Betting Site in Malaysia

QQ882 is a Legal E-Games Casino Site

QQ822 is a casino site that is accredited and licensed by the Philippines’s government agency that regulates all activities in gambling. That agency is called as PAGCOR. As the site is licensed, every player of the betting e-games site is guaranteed to be able to enjoy the entire online casino products offered at the site to be played safely and fairly with real money.

All of the E-GAMES at the site are well-reviewed and regulated by that government agency, making sure that all the bonus, payouts, and jackpots have the same rule for all bettors. Being officially legalized by the agency also means that all your information both of the personal and bank registered at this BETTING SITE are in the safe parties. QQ822 with no doubt should be a site of e-games Malaysia and all of its bettors should try.

QQ822 Has the Best Selection of E-Games Betting Products

QQ822 has the best e-games slot and betting product selections. This site has those online e-games Malaysia and the bettors should have no worry about. Every e-game at the website is organized by well-known and trusty partners in the industry. The partners of QQ882 are TopTrend Gaming, Spadegaming, Playtech, Microgaming, and Betsoft. You must have heard those providers before as they are bery famous in the world. Those providers are the ones offering best theme and paying in slot games.

The examples of E-GAMES MALAYSIA can play at this site are sports, fruits, animals, ancient, characters, 5 reels, movies, 3 reels, non-progressive, progressive, and many other games. The progressive jackpot at the site has touched the amount of millions of dollars that sometimes can make you feel like you just played free e-games. That amount of jackpot make QQ882 a site of e-games Malaysia aims for.

QQ882 is Compatible for Your Mobile

Playing with PC is sometimes not enjoyable as you need to go to certain spots in your room and to sit in front it for a long time. Then, why not playing the online slot games on the comfort of your bed by using your phone? QQ882 here becomes a betting site e-games provider should look for as the site is mobile device compatible.

QQ882 played in your mobile also guarantees you to play the betting site games without any loading time. All of the QQ882 products are compatible with any smartphones, mobile devices, or tablets. This feature enables you to play all the games without having the need to download and install any applications.

QQ882 Offers Big Rewards and Promotions

Here is another factor what makes QQ882 a site of casino e-games online Malaysia should choose: big rewards and promotions. Every player playing at this site has a chance of winning up to MYR 15,000 bonus from one promotion only. Another precious promotion is at the Diamond level VIP that can be claimed for free along with the promotion of Free VIP Level Upgrade.

Apart from those promotions, there are still a lot of promotions to choose. QQ882 even offers a promo of free bet for new members. That promo is up to MYR 30. There is still another promo which is special rewards that are offered on every single day. That special reward can come in a new kind of reward in every month that sometimes comes with bigger bonus than the ones in the previous promo. Considering all of the features and facilities above, QQ882 will more widely be a site of e-games betting Malaysia and most of its bettors opt for.

QQ882 Best Online E-games Casino Slot Betting Site in Malaysia really knows what it takes to be the most recommended and the best e-games casino slot betting site. The site really caters the need of Malaysia’s bettors to play e-games, to gamble, to have fun, and to earn big money.

What and Where to play Sic Bo Game

Sic Bo Casino game is one of Casino games which is very interesting. This game is also known as “BIG or SMALL” game. Why? It is not only about what they win, but also what they bet.  There are two probabilities that may be taken by the players. What are those? Let us find out what and Where to play Sic Bo Game for more information.

What and Where to play Sic Bo Game

What and Where to play Sic Bo Game
What and Where to play Sic Bo Game

Why Sic Bo?

Online Sic Bo game is a casino game can that can be played not only for adult, but also for the youngsters. It makes the players playing this game enthusiastically. In the beginning of this game, the players should put their capital as the bet. Remember, to play this game, you should have an account. Setting up an account is easy. Just follow the instruction in the signing up section.

By the end of registration process, you will be asked to transfer money to the assigned bank account as your beginning capital. Don’t worry, you can trust the administrator. This game is played using three dices. Then, the players should guess the result of the dices that will appear, whether it is big or small number, even or odd numbers. The players will be very curious in waiting for the results. However, the players should pay attention on the rules. Usually, every place has their own rules to play the Sic Bo.

How and Where to play this game?

There are several thing that the players should understand before try this game. This game will be played with three dices and use a bowl or a glass to close the dices. Then, this is the challenging time; the players are given one minutes to think about which bet they will choose. The bet can be even, odd, big, small, etc.

After that, the players decide the bet, and see the result that appear from the dices. That is the moment of truth to know whether the players win or lose. Isn’t that interesting? The players’ luckiness will be at stake in this game. Sic Bo Casino game gives you a chance to win big but you have to be very careful also because you can lose your money as well. A good tip for the players: Play this game frequently and you will have the sense to guess the number correctly.

Do you want to play this game? Where you can find and play it? You can find this game on This is a trusted website. You can find the Sic Bo game and another casino games by opening this website. You can also get some advantages by becoming the member of that website.

Let’s Join

Now you know What and Where to play Sic Bo Game. You don’t need big money as your beginning capital to set up the account. You can put your bet with only small amount of money. Do not wait any longer. Let’s log on to the website, be the member there, play the game, and celebrate your luckiness. Do not forget to invite your friends to play the Sic Bo game in this exciting casino Malaysia website.

Advantages of Playing with Multi-Table Casino Games

Sooner or later, online casino will seize the existence of land based casino. It occurs because bonus, promotion and features are interesting attributes which will attract bettors to play online casino. Multi table is one of interesting feature in online casino. Before that, you should know the advantages of playing with Multi-Table casino games for more exciting information.

Advantages of Playing with Multi-Table Casino Games

Advantages of Playing with Multi-Table Casino Games
Advantages of Playing with Multi-Table Casino Games

Understand What Multi Table Is

This is an interesting online casino feature that allows bettors play more than one casino games at the same time. This feature will bring you to a great winning chance since you play in many casino games. However, you need strong bankroll in this feature. So, make sure that you have good management in using bankroll.

Types of Games

You can play popular online casino betting games in Multi table feature. This feature applies on poker online games like roulette, sic bo, baccarat and blackjack. Mostly, online casinos only provide three rooms for three casino games with beautiful women dealer.

Bettors need good focus and concentration when they play three casino games at the same time. If something distract your focus for a minute, you screw your life. Moreover, players are given limited time when they place bet or wager. Of course, it needs high speed of your hand. In the beginning, you will feel confuse playing in this feature. It is just matter of time before you enjoy playing this game. However, we do not suggest playing this feature when you are in your office or accomplish your work. Enjoy this feature when you are in your spare time.

Multi Table Will Offer Bigger Profit

Playing more than one casino games at the same time will bring you on big profit. It occurs because this feature will increase your winning chance and you can make more cash every hour. The more number of game you play, the bigger chance you have. Practice again and again and you will get much cash from it.

Multi Table Offers Interesting Bonus

Some online casino offer series of bonus based on the number of games that they play. Experience and professional bettors will take more tables because they see good chances waiting ahead. Commonly, online casino will give 100.000 US Dollar as the year promo prize.

Since you will deposit a lot of money in multi table feature, it means that online casino will give interesting bonus for you. Unlimited cash rebate and welcome cashback are popular bonus feature which is offered by online casino. You will gain other awesome bonus once you play in multi table feature.

Play Fast and No Boredom.

Since you need your hands on the boards, you will pay attention with every movements or actions on the game. Of course, this method will avoid you from boredom feeling. Their hand, focus, concentration will be truly engaged on the game managing the multi-tabling.

Online casino will always provide interesting attributes. You will get much cash after you know the advantages of playing with Multi-Table casino games. Go to and get the bonuses from the top and exciting casino Malaysia website.

QQ808 Top Casino Online Betting Games Casino Mobile in Malaysia

While some people love to play slot games, there are many who prefer the other casino games apart from slot. QQ808 Top Casino Online Betting Games Casino Mobile in Malaysia since it gives you various other casino games such as poker, blackjack roulette etc. Even if you are not an expert in casino games, you do not have to feel disheartened because you do have other options in store for you.

QQ808 Top Casino Online Betting Games Casino Mobile in Malaysia

QQ808 Top Casino Online Betting Games Casino Mobile in Malaysia
QQ808 Top Casino Online Betting Games Casino Mobile in Malaysia

Over the years, we have seen the best transformation in online casino gaming. The fact that it offers players the flexibility to play at their own convienence is one of the major reasons why many people play online games.

Card lovers can play their favorite games through the best names

We all love it when we get the best even if we are within a budget. QQ808 has tied up with the best names of the online casino gaming industry to offer its members the best. Each game that is there on the website allows you to play your favorite mobile casino games within your means. It does not matter if you have very little to spare for your passion, you can still play the game of your choice whenever you want.

For card lovers, the options that are there on QQ808 are endless. Right from the basic 3-card poker, to games like blackjack and lots more, you have it all on QQ808. Another interesting feature that the Malaysia casino website offers is the variation of playing online as well as live games.

The online gaming front is ideal for people who are learning

For those who are new to the completely online casino experience, QQ808 gives you the chance of playing one on one through the online gaming portal. You can easily choose any card game that you want and play it with an automated dealer.

There are different levels of online gaming to suit your playing ability. You can choose the level that you want based on your expertise and play accordingly. QQ808 Top Casino Online Betting Games Casino Mobile in Malaysia allows you to place the bets as per your convenience so that you can play as much as you want.

For professional players there is a lot more in store

If you are a professional player, you can still play on QQ808 whenever you want. For professional players, QQ808 gives you a chance to better your game in many ways. Without a doubt you have access to the online casino games to suit your needs, however, you also have the live tables to keep you company.

When you are a professional player, you look for a platform that gives you the flexibility of playing your favorite casino betting game the way you want. Whether you are looking out to compete with other players, get a chance to hit the jackpot or even go ahead and just enjoy any game the way you want, QQ808 has all that in store for you.

QQ808 Top Casino Online Betting Games Casino Mobile in Malaysia because apart from being a professional player, you also get a chance to progress to a VIP member. This proves to be helpful especially if you are looking for ways to double your chances in the best way possible.

Ways to Improve your winnings in Online Slot

For an easy game, slot can play hard to get at times. Is there no way to ‘cheat’ your way? Actually, there is! The methods are safe and definitely legal to do. For those who are interested, check out the ways to improve your winnings in Online Slot right below.

Ways to Improve your winnings in Online Slot

Ways to Improve your winnings in Online Slot
Ways to Improve your winnings in Online Slot
  • Use Bonus to Your Advantage

If you don’t know, some betting sites offer bonuses for their members. These bonuses require bettors to meet a number of turnovers to get – which basically make people to play more games. However, that doesn’t mean the deals are mere business strategy. In fact, they often offer bonuses that will topple up any profit a bettor can make within the time limit! In case you are interested, go and check this online slot betting site or for best bonus deals.


  • Don’t Pick Games on Spotlight

As obvious as it is, featured games put in front to lure players and make them invest to the casino. Besides the obvious trap, these games are also notorious for setting high bet limit and tight jackpots. So, never play those games. Always avoid video slots or game with good graphics in general especially if they appear on the first rows. It’s marketing strategy from casino to get bettors to play with their best profiting games. Instead, try looking for games with low betting limit, 90% RTP rate or more, and small jackpots – these types of slots will easily give out fluid victory compared to the popular ones.


  • Play After Rush Hour

All slots need investment to cough up jackpots. However, reeling it alone requires a lot of time and money (and the sum is highly possible to be much more than the jackpot itself). So, to avoid wasting both time and money, try playing after rush hours (for online casino) or at the end of the line (for inland casino). This way, it’s easier to win the jackpot since previous players had done the investment job. If you are lucky, the jackpot may be a few spins away!


  • Never Skip Free Games

Many casino offers free games to reel bettors. Again, this is another of casino’s marketing strategy, but they can actually profit bettors. Free games are usually offered to new players or in certain events. As impossible as it might sound, free gaming sessions are not rigged in any way. The money won in those free sessions are real. Plus, there is no need to invest money to play on the games. That’s why they are still profiting to play, and for free at that! So, make sure to never let go of free games – you will get a fair share of fun and earn money by doing so.


These Ways to Improve your winnings in Online Slot while playing online slot games may seem too simple, but they will surely come in handy on crucial times. As a plus, they are legal because you are ‘cheating’ the casino instead of the game in itself. Surely, it will give you more profit than doing dirty works and get arrested for a small bet.

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