Black Jack is known as bettor’s favorite and a must-exist-game in a casino like here in exciting casino Malaysia website either in the small or big casino. Black Jack is also well known as a classic game for pro gambler and rich people. Anyway you do not need to be rich to play it online and you can choose one type from so many types that will bring you some luck. Here are online Online Blackjack Betting Types as your options.

Online Blackjack Betting Types

Online Black Jack Betting Types
Online Blackjack Betting Types
  • E-game Version

You can find Black Jack card game in e-game version. When you access QQ808 you can find it in Top Trend Gaming and BetSoft providers. In this version of Black Jack, you will see the cards only and will be delivered by computer program, just like playing a computer game. What is so good in this type is you will have a good graphic. You can maintain your focus more, since there will be no distraction from too-attractive dealer.

If you open the Top Trend Gaming (TTG) provider, you can play Lucky 7 Black Jack. This game is released in 2014 and been so popular. Why? It is simply because of its high payouts. You will get around 95% from your winning money. This game is a classic Black Jack game with Lucky 7 side bets which are first four cards dealt are suited sevens: 500-1, first four cards dealt are unsuited sevens: 100-1, first three cards dealt are suited sevens: 500-1, first three cards dealt are unsuited sevens: 100-1, first two cards dealt are suited sevens: 50-1, first two cards dealt are suited sevens: 25-1, and first card dealt is a seven: 3-1.

For Betsoft one you can get two different versions of Black Jack which are American and European Black Jack. They are basically the same classic Black Jack game, but the American one has a more user-friendly and flexible rules rather than the European one. There are many bettors say that American Black Jack tends to give you more opportunity to win the game.

  • Live Casino Version

If you want to enjoy the atmosphere of a casino while playing online Black Jack at your home, you can always choose the live casino version. In QQ808 you can go to GP Casino dealer and play the Black Jack accompanied by attractive yet professional dealer.

You will never regret playing this live Black Jack. Beside of thrilling sensation of playing at a casino, you can get such a big amount of money. You also can play the side bets and give more additional money into your bank account. It is also said that this game has high payouts and the rumor is you can bet minimally and get several winnings that are equal with when you place the maximum bet. What are you waiting for? Prove it by yourself.

Let’s choose one from those online Black Jack betting types and some online casino betting games and start to play. Prepare your best strategy and also your luck, so that you can bring more money into your bank account. Happy betting!

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