Whether it’s a normal slot or an instant play, there are many ways of playing online slots. Orient is a classic theme when it comes to slot games. However, Fortune Girl slot by Microgaming instant play pop up among slots with fellow themes. Get to know why by reading our review below.

Fortune Girl Slot by Microgaming Instant Play

Fortune Girl Slot by Microgaming Instant Play
Fortune Girl Slot by Microgaming Instant Play
  • Simple Player’s Best Pick

For players who like simpler gameplay without much visual or interactive bonus rounds, Fortune Girl is the best pick out there. The game is built simple – the symbols consist of simple drawings, the game logo, and several Chinese characters. The features are also standard. However, that doesn’t mean that the game itself is boring. There are still scatter, wild, and the mystery symbol that will spice up the game. To put it simply; Fortune Girl may be a simple game, but being simple doesn’t mean it has boring presentation.

  • Paying Instead of Retriggering

Unlike normal slot games, Fortune Girl doesn’t re-trigger their scatter functions. It may be unfortunate to some players, but the game makes it up by giving payout for the symbols. In its first appearance, three or more scatter symbols will give away 14 free spins. After that, they will give bettors a multiplier – which grows to five at best. If you are lucky enough to get 15 scatter symbols at once, the game will pay 1200 times your bet. Plus, several wilds that falls on bettors selected payline will get paid.

  • Small Bet Range, High Prizes

Fortune Girl only allow its player to bet about 0,01 to 0,5 coins – quite the narrow range especially for a video slot. However, small bet range totally isn’t equal small prizes in this game. In fact, the jackpots can grow into a giant. The biggest payout came from the scatter symbols. As we have mentioned above, bettors will be paid 1200 times their bet by appearance of 15 scatter symbols. Not high enough? Just imagine winning this jackpot by knocking three or more scatter a few times before getting this jackpot (it multiplies your bets up to five five) – your bet can be multiplied to 6000 times!

  • Mysterious ‘Mystery’

There are three appealing symbol in this game. The first one is the game symbol, which symbolize the wild. Then, there is the scatter that uses golden dragon as its symbol. Lastly, there is the golden door.

The golden door is a special kind among all symbols in Fortune Girl. It brings dark horse into the game. The symbols always come out stacked. After appearing, it will change into other symbols at random. It will not change to wild on normal rolls. However, it can change to wilds on free spins. While it is essentially a random wild, this symbol gives interesting element to this simple game.

It’s not questionable that Future Girl by Microgaming instant play appeals among many online casino slot games choices. This game can easily hook up bettors with humble bet range, payline selection, and interesting bonuses. What are you waiting for? Get going and play Fortune Girl Slot by Microgaming Instant Play to win those juicy jackpots!

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