Sic Bo is one of the card games played at the online casino. This game is popular since it is easy to play and easy to win. However, not all players are successful in winning Sic Bo. If you are interested in this game, you are advised to know the 3 ways to win in online Sic Bo game that you should know.

3 Ways to Win in Online Sic Bo Game

3 Ways to Win in Online Sic Bo Game
3 Ways to Win in Online Sic Bo Game
  1. Understand the Game

The first thing that you need to do before playing Sic Bo is to understand how it is played and how to win big In Sic Bo, the game is pretty simple since you will play using three dice and you need to bet on the numbers that will come up later on.

In playing on the online Sic Bo game, you huts need to place your money in the corresponding betting board that you choose and click the roll button. Then, you will be able to win if the outcome is the same as your initial bet.

  1. Know the Bets

As previously mentioned, you need to place the bet on the number that will come up. The number here can be the exact number, the number combinations, or the total number of the dice. Therefore, there are several bets that you can make here.

The first bet is the exact number to bet on or it is called the Single bet. In this Single bet, you will bet on the certain number that will appear on the dice. The dice used are varied from one to three dice.

The second bet is the number combinations. This type of bet uses two dice to bet on and you just need to guess the number of those two dice to be able to win. However, the number combinations also have several bets, such as Four Number Combinations, Three Single Number Combinations, and Specific Double and Single Number Combinations.

Then, the easiest bet that you need to know is the Total bet. In this type of bet, you just need to guest the total number of three dice ranging from 4 to 16. Those are the three basic bets that you need to learn, in fact, there are other type of bets that you need to know since they are varied depend on the online casino you are playing in. Try this simple and easy online gambling for more winnings.

  1. Using Strategies

There numerous strategies that you can use in playing Sic Bo, such as Small, Big, and Combinations. However, not all of them will guarantee you winning the game. If you want to win the game, you are suggested to stick on the Small and Big strategy since they give you the greatest chance to win in online casino betting games. In Small and Big strategies, you will bet on the total dice 4 to 10 for the former and 11 to 17 for the latter.

Those 3 ways to win in online Sic Bo game will be very beneficial to bring you closer to winning the game itself. However, you need to keep practicing and to know the advantages and disadvantages of online casino to get used to the game and you will be able to understand the game inside out.

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